Unlock Boundless Creativity with the Updated AC3

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Boasting a 3.0″ LCD HD touchscreen, this camera is a versatile powerhouse designed for both novice enthusiasts and seasoned professionals. With a 30x digital zoom and HD Multimedia Interface output, every detail is captured with clarity.

The inclusion of WIFI, night vision capabilities, and support for a remote control make it the ideal companion for various shooting scenarios. Whether you’re a content creator, adventurer, or vlogger, the AC3 opens the door to boundless creative possibilities.

Explore its features, from infrared night vision to LED light-compensating lamps, and witness the world in a new light through your lens.

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🌟 High-Resolution Imaging: Unleash the power of 24 million pixels with the Updated AC3. This digital camera delivers stunning image quality, allowing you to capture every detail in vivid clarity. Whether you’re documenting your travels or creating visual content, the AC3 ensures exceptional results.

🎥 Versatile Video Recording: Dive into the world of high-definition videography with the AC3’s versatile video recording capabilities. From UHD24fps to HD120fps, explore a range of resolutions and frame rates, ensuring your videos are as dynamic and captivating as your vision.

📸 30x Digital Zoom: Zoom in on the finer details with the AC3’s impressive 30x digital zoom. From scenic landscapes to intricate subjects, this feature provides flexibility and precision, ensuring your compositions are visually compelling.

🖐️ Intuitive Touchscreen Interface: Navigate through settings and preview your shots seamlessly on the 3.0″ touchscreen LCD. The intuitive interface enhances user experience, making the AC3 user-friendly for those stepping into the world of digital imaging.

🌌 Night Vision Capabilities: Embrace the beauty of the night with the AC3’s night vision functionality. The IR CUT filter allows for seamless transitions between color and black-and-white imagery, opening up possibilities for nocturnal photography and videography.

📡 WIFI Connectivity: Stay connected and share your creations effortlessly with the WIFI connectivity feature. Transfer files wirelessly, control the camera remotely, and streamline your workflow, making the AC3 an essential tool for content creators on the go.

🎤 Internal Microphone and Speaker: Capture not only stunning visuals but also crystal-clear audio with the AC3’s internal microphone and speaker. Whether you’re recording vlogs, interviews, or narratives, ensure your audio complements the visual excellence.

📷 Extensive Storage Options: With support for up to 128GB SD cards (Class 10 or above recommended), the AC3 ensures you never miss a moment. Ample storage capacity allows you to document your journey without worrying about running out of space.

💡 LED Light-Compensating Lamps: Illuminate your subjects with precision using the built-in LED light-compensating lamps. Whether shooting in low light or adding creative flair to your scenes, these lamps enhance your photography capabilities.

Feature Specification
Imaging Sensor 5.0 MP CMOS Sensor
Image Resolution 5600×4200(24M), 5200×3900(20M),…
Video Resolution 28802160(UHD24fps), 25601440(QHD 30fps),…
LCD Screen 3.0″ Touchscreen, LCD
Internal Memory 128MB DDR3 (Buffer Memory)
External Storage Supports 128GB SD Card (Grade 10 or above)
HDMI Output Yes
Lens f=7.45mm, FNo.2.4
Digital Zoom 30x
Light Compensating Lamp 2x LED
IR Light 1x LED IR CUT Dual Filter
Exposure EV-3.0~EV+3.0

Transform your creative vision into reality with the Updated AC3 4K Hot Shoe WIFI Digital Camera.

Boasting a 3.0″ touchscreen, 30x digital zoom, and versatile video recording capabilities, this camera is designed for both imaging enthusiasts and professionals. With features like night vision, WIFI connectivity, and LED light-compensating lamps, the AC3 opens up new possibilities for photographers and videographers alike.

Whether you’re capturing the beauty of the night or documenting your daily adventures, the AC3 ensures every moment is preserved in stunning detail. Invest in the Updated AC3, and let your creativity soar as you embark on a visual journey like never before.



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