Broadlink’s Latest Universal Remote for Smart Home Automation – Works with Google Home, Alexa, and More


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Its powerful IR codes and seamless integration with Google Home and Alexa make it a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their home automation experience.

The versatility of controlling all IR devices, support for 433MHz and 315MHz frequencies, and the ability to connect effortlessly to home or office Wi-Fi set it apart.

The convenience of preset scheduling and auto modes adds a layer of intelligence to my daily routines. Whether I’m adjusting the air conditioning, turning on the TV, or setting the ambiance, the Bestcon RM4 Pro does it all with a simple voice command or tap on my smartphone.

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Bestcon RM4 Pro is the ultimate solution for elevating your smart home experience. With seamless compatibility with Google Home, Alexa, and a wide range of IR-controlled devices, this universal remote from Broadlink empowers you to control your environment effortlessly.

Set the perfect ambiance with personalized schedules, automate your devices with one-step Wi-Fi connection, and enjoy the convenience of voice control.

Whether you’re at home or away, the Bestcon RM4 Pro ensures that your smart home responds to your needs with intelligence and precision, making it a valuable addition to any modern living space.

Powerful IR Control: The Bestcon RM4 Pro stands out with its powerful IR codes, providing comprehensive control over all IR devices such as TVs, air conditioners, and DVD players. Say goodbye to juggling multiple remotes, and embrace the simplicity of unified control through the Bestcon RM4 Pro. 📺❄️

Wide Frequency Support: With support for 433MHz and 315MHz frequencies, this universal remote ensures compatibility with a broad range of devices, making it a versatile solution for diverse home automation needs. 🔄🔧

Effortless Connectivity: Enjoy the simplicity of one-step connection to your home or office Wi-Fi. The Bestcon RM4 Pro supports Wi-Fi 2.4GHz b/g/n, ensuring a stable and reliable connection for seamless control. 🌐📱

Auto Modes and Scheduling: Enhance your daily routines with the Bestcon RM4 Pro’s auto modes, including Auto Home and Auto Away. Set up personalized schedules to automate the activation and deactivation of appliances, creating a smart home that adapts to your lifestyle. 🔄⏰

Voice Control Compatibility: Seamlessly integrate the Bestcon RM4 Pro with popular voice assistants such as Google Home and Alexa. Control your smart home devices effortlessly with voice commands, adding an extra layer of convenience to your daily life. 🗣️🏡

Versatile Device Compatibility: The Bestcon RM4 Pro is not limited to specific brands or types of devices. It is compatible with a wide array of infrared appliances, including air conditioners, TVs, TV boxes, IPTV, audio systems, DVD players, projectors, and more. 🔄📡

Customizable Sleep Settings: For a healthier sleep environment, customize air conditioning settings, time modes, and sleeping temperatures using the Bestcon RM4 Pro. Enjoy a personalized and comfortable sleep space tailored to your preferences. 😴❄️

Remote Control Anytime, Anywhere: With the Broadlink App, controlling your devices is as easy as a few taps on your smartphone. The app supports both Android and iOS, allowing you to manage your smart home from anywhere, at any time. 📲🌍

Feature Specification
Model Bestcon RM4 Pro
Compatibility All Compatible
Equipped Camera No
Functions IR, RF, and WiFi Universal Remote Control
Supported Voice Assistants Google Home, Alexa
Connectivity One-step Wi-Fi Connection (2.4GHz b/g/n)
Auto Modes Auto Home, Auto Away
Device Compatibility All IR-controlled devices, 433MHz, 315MHz
Voice Control Google Home, Alexa
Sleep Settings Customizable Air Condition, Time, Temperature


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