Teleconverter 2.0X Extender Telephoto Converter Camera Lenses for Canon

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Viltrox C-AF 2X Auto Focus Teleconverter 2.0X Extender Telephoto Converter Camera Lenses for Canon EF Mount Lens DSLR Camera 

  1. Viltrox C-AF 2X TELEPLUS is made from high-quality coated optical glass with optical design.
  2. It may well make the focal size of all of the Canon EF lens elevated to 2 occasions as respectively, and the auto-focus perform of the unique digicam lens can be utilized completely, and doesn’t change the Exif data.
  3. C-AF 2X TELEPLUS particularly use for 100mm or extra fastened focal size lens, comparable to 300mm f / 2.eight lens, and 200- 500mm lengthy lens good mixture, can be utilized for fastened focus lens and a telephoto lens, however is just not advisable for use in lower than 60mm of short-focus lens.
  • Mount kind:Canon EF-Mount lens
  • Magnification:2 occasions
  • Depth of Discipline:Half of the unique lens
  • Min stacking focal size:Equal to the unique lens
  • Structure of the lens:7glasses, four teams
  • Focus mode:Full auto focus
  • Lens Coating:Multi-coated
  • Publicity issue:Approx. four occasions ( equal to 2 aperture )
  • Diameter and size:Approx. 68×51MM
  • Weight:Approx. 154g
  • Entrance cowl:Camera cowl
  • Rear cowl:Lens mud cowl
Mounting and Detaching
1. The set up marks EF lens (pink circle) on the identical alignment mark,
   then clockwise till you hear a click on sound EF lenses up to now.
2. Put the C-AF 2X TELEPLUS on the digicam lens mounting mark (pink circle)
   on the identical mark on the digicam, after which counter-clockwise till you
   hear a click on sound up to now.
3. Use the alternative operation method to low cost.


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