Capture Every Moment On-the-Go with Miflame Compact Camera Crossbody Bag – Ideal for Nikon, Canon, Sony DSLRs, Mirrorless Cameras, and Lenses πŸ“·πŸ‘œ


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As a passionate photographer always on the move, the Miflame Compact Camera Crossbody Bag has become an essential companion for my photography adventures.

The clever design and multi-functional features make it the perfect solution for carrying my Nikon DSLR, an extra lens, smartphone, filters, and more. The adjustable shoulder strap and thicken stripe handle offer comfort and convenience, while the waterproof 600D high-density nylon material ensures my camera gear stays protected from unexpected rain.

With reinforced stitching, alloy metal zippers, and a shockproof interior, this camera bag exudes durability without compromising style. Whether I’m hiking, exploring the city, or attending events, the Miflame bag keeps my gear safe, easily accessible, and does it with a touch of elegance.

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The Miflame Compact Camera Crossbody Bag is the ideal companion for photographers seeking a balance between functionality and style. With dimensions of 211318cm, it accommodates a digital camera, a spare lens, a mobile phone, filters, and SD cards effortlessly.

The 10mm ultra-thick body provides a protective cocoon for your precious gear, and the adjustable shoulder strap (65~130cm) ensures comfort during long journeys.

The bag’s versatile design makes it perfect for outdoor photography, city exploration, or any occasion where you want your camera gear close at hand. Its waterproof construction adds peace of mind, allowing you to focus on capturing the perfect shot, regardless of the weather conditions.

Multi-Functional Design: πŸŽ’ The Miflame Camera Crossbody Bag is designed with photographers in mind, offering multi-functional capabilities. With adjustable compartments, it accommodates various camera setups, making it suitable for DSLRs, mirrorless systems, point-and-shoot cameras, lenses, and more.

Durable and Protective Construction: 🌧️ Crafted from 600D high-density nylon, this camera bag is not only stylish but also waterproof, providing reliable protection for your camera gear in unpredictable weather conditions. The 10mm pearl cotton velcro spacer adds shockproof capabilities, safeguarding your equipment from accidental bumps.

Smart Organization: 🧳 Stay organized on the go with the Miflame bag’s thoughtfully designed compartments. Two zipper pockets on the side provide space for chargers and small accessories, while the front zipper pocket is perfect for keys, cards, and additional chargers. The inner compartment includes a zipper web bag for SD cards, filters, or cleaning accessories.

Comfortable and Convenient: πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ The adjustable shoulder strap (65~130cm) caters to your comfort, allowing you to carry your camera gear effortlessly. The thicken stripe handle provides an alternative carrying option, making it easy to grab and go. The bag’s lightweight design adds to the convenience of carrying your equipment wherever your photography takes you.

High-Quality Materials: πŸ”’ Miflame prioritizes quality with its choice of materials. The 600D high-density nylon is not only waterproof but also durable, ensuring longevity. The alloy metal zippers are smooth, rust-free, and the reinforced stitching adds an extra layer of sturdiness, making this bag a reliable choice for photographers on the move.

Versatile Compatibility: πŸ“Έ Compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax DSLRs, and photographic equipment, this bag caters to a wide range of camera enthusiasts. The flexible and removable partition inside allows you to customize the interior according to your gear, providing a snug fit for different setups.

Stylish Design: πŸ‘œ The Miflame Compact Camera Crossbody Bag doesn’t compromise on style. Its portable and compact size, combined with a sleek black color, makes it a fashionable accessory for both casual and outdoor photography. The bag’s design seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics.

Secure and Reliable: πŸ›‘οΈ The Miflame bag ensures the safety of your camera gear with an alloy zipper that glides smoothly, preventing any snagging. The bag’s impact-resistant design protects your equipment from shocks, dust, and scratches, making it an ideal choice for photographers who prioritize the safety of their gear.

Feature Specification
Brand Miflame
Model Number BL088-BBK-D11
Material 600D High-Density Nylon
Size 211318cm (External), 191116cm (Internal)
Strap Adjustable Shoulder Strap (65~130cm)
Handle Thicken Stripe Handle
Waterproof Yes
Compartments Two Side Zipper Pockets, Front Zipper Pocket, Inner Compartment with Web Bag
Durability Reinforced Stitching, Alloy Metal Zippers
Color Black
Compatibility Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax DSLRs and Photographic Equipment
Partition Flexible and Removable


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