Portable Fast Charging  4 in 1 UVC Disinfection Box

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15W Portable 4 in 1 UVC Disinfection Box Smart Mobile Phones Mask Jewellery Multifunctional Sterilizing Disinfection Fast Charging 

LED ultraviolet disinfection box, no ozone, no radiation, more environmentally friendly, ultraviolet light can damage the DNA or RNA inside the microbial cells, causing no reproduction, to achieve a cleaning effect, will not damage the waterproof structure of the mask outer layer, less damage to the mask.

  • Material: ABS + tempered glass + silicone
  • Input voltage: 5V / 2A; 9V1.3A
  • Power: 10W, 7.5W, 5W
  • Charging distance: ≤8mm
  • Applicable model: compatible with QI standard
  • Bactericidal Fan Range: masks / mobile phones / cosmetics / keys / toilet bowls / kitchen / rooms etc …
  • Product Size: 185 * 100 * 47mm


  • 1. Can wirelessly charge mobile phones, 10W fast charge
  • 2. Put masks, mobile phones, watches, makeup brushes, etc. into the box for UV sterilization
  • 3. The split design can be used to sterilize ultraviolet rays in toilets, shoe cabinets, mattresses and other places
  • 4. Open the support frame and change the makeup mirror in seconds (convenient for women to make up at any time)
  • 5. Small size and easy to carry
  • 6. Our ultraviolet ray is sterilized by UVC-LED, which will not produce ozone. It is safe and environmentally friendly.

Package Included:

  • 1 * Charging box
  • 1 * Instruction
  • 1 * USB cable


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