40mm F2.8 Camera Lens for Nikon – Crisp Shots and Creative Blurs for Nikon DSLR Cameras πŸ“·βœ¨

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40mm F2.8 Camera Lens for Nikon has become an indispensable tool in my kit. This lens is a game-changer for capturing stunning shots with its F2.8 large aperture that effortlessly blurs the background, bringing the subject into sharp focus.

The two focus modes, Auto Focus (AF) and Manual Focus (MF), provide flexibility for various shooting scenarios, allowing me to choose the mode that suits my creative vision.

The durable metal mount and gold-plating technology ensure longevity and efficient signal conductivity. Equipped with a focus distance indicator, this lens makes it convenient to evaluate distances and achieve the desired depth of field.

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Whether I’m shooting portraits, architecture, or travel scenes, the YN 40mm F2.8N delivers exceptional image quality and versatility, making it a must-have for Nikon DSLR users seeking top-notch performance.

40mm F2.8 Camera Lens for Nikon is designed to elevate your photography to new heights. Its F2.8 large aperture is the key to achieving artistic shots with a beautifully blurred background, making your subjects stand out.

The lens’s two focus modes, Auto Focus (AF) and Manual Focus (MF), cater to different shooting needs, providing flexibility for both beginners and experienced photographers.

The metal mount, ending aspheric lens, and gold-plating technology contribute to the lens’s durability and efficient signal transmission, ensuring a reliable and consistent performance.

Whether you’re capturing portraits, travel scenes, or architecture, this lens is your go-to companion for achieving crisp, vibrant, and professional-quality images.

Ending Aspheric Lens for Aberration Compensation: 🌈 The YN 40mm F2.8N boasts an ending aspheric lens that effectively compensates for various aberrations, ensuring that your images are sharp, clear, and free from distortion. This feature enhances the overall image quality, making it a reliable choice for photographers who demand precision.

Firmware Upgrade Capability: πŸ”„ Stay ahead with the YN40mm F2.8N’s firmware upgrade capability. The lens features a USB port, allowing users to download the latest firmware from the official YONGNUO website. This ensures maximum compatibility and performance, keeping your lens up to date with the latest enhancements and features.

F2.8 Large Aperture for Creative Freedom: 🌟 The F2.8 large aperture of this lens opens up a world of creative possibilities. It allows for stunning background blur, emphasizing the subject and adding a professional touch to your shots. Capture images with a beautiful bokeh effect that enhances the visual appeal of your photographs.

Two Focus Modes for Versatility: 🎯 Choose between Auto Focus (AF) and Manual Focus (MF) modes based on your practical shooting needs. The versatility provided by these focus modes ensures that photographers of all skill levels can confidently use the lens, adapting to different scenarios with ease.

6pcs Aperture Blades for Artistic Defocused Spots: πŸŒ€ The YN40mm F2.8N features 6pcs aperture blades that enable the creation of rounded defocused spots in your images. Additionally, the lens can be stopped down to produce an effect resembling 12 stars. Unleash your creativity and add an artistic touch to your photography.

Durable Metal Mount for Longevity: βš™οΈ The lens incorporates a chrome-plated and high-precision metal mount that aligns seamlessly with your Nikon camera. This wearable, corrosion-resistant, and durable mount ensures the lens’s longevity, making it a reliable companion for your photographic journey.

Focus Distance Indicator for Precision: πŸ” The YN40mm F2.8N comes equipped with a focus distance indicator, providing a convenient tool for photographers to evaluate distances and achieve the desired depth of field. This added feature enhances precision in focusing, allowing for more control over your compositions.

Glass Optical Lens with Multilayer Coating: 🌐 Enjoy exceptional image quality with the YN40mm F2.8N’s glass optical lens and multilayer coating. These features increase light transmittance while inhibiting backlight and glare, resulting in sharp, vibrant, and high-contrast images.

Feature Specification
Aperture F2.8
Focus Modes AF, MF
Aperture Blades 6 Blades
Mount Material Chrome-Plated Metal
Magnification 0.150x – 0.180x
Minimum Aperture F22
Lens UV Filter Size 58mm


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