MUSUBO Famous Brand Mini Crossbody Bags for Women

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MUSUBO Famous Brand Mini Crossbody Bags for Women Phone Bag For iPhone For Samsung Small Female Shoulder Handbags For.

  • Suitable iPhone Mannequin: IPHONE XR
  • Suitable iPhone Mannequin: iPhone 6 Plus
  • Suitable iPhone Mannequin: iPhone 6
  • Suitable iPhone Mannequin: iphone xs
  • Suitable iPhone Mannequin: IPHONE 6S
  • Suitable iPhone Mannequin: IPHONE XS MAX
  • Suitable iPhone Mannequin: iPhone 7
  • Suitable iPhone Mannequin: iPhone 5s
  • Suitable iPhone Mannequin: iPhone 7 Plus
  • Suitable iPhone Mannequin: IPHONE X
  • Suitable iPhone Mannequin: Iphone SE
  • Suitable iPhone Mannequin: IPHONE 8
  • Suitable iPhone Mannequin: iPhone 5
  • Suitable iPhone Mannequin: iPhone 6s plus
  • Suitable iPhone Mannequin: IPHONE Eight PLUS
  • Perform: With Card Pocket
  • Perform: Filth-resistant
  • Perform: Anti-knock
  • Options: With Card Pocket,Anti-knock,Filth-resistant
  • Retail Package deal: Sure
  • Measurement: 11 * 4.5 * 17
  • Design: cute
  • Design: Plain
  • Sort: Pouch
  • Brand Title: Musubo
  • Suitable Brand: Apple iPhones
  • Card slot: 6
  • Options: Zipper Pockets Phone Instances
  • Colour: pink/blue/pale pink/black/deep crimson


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