9-Inch LED Ring Light with Adjustable Halo Lights – Perfect Lighting for Youtube Videos, TikTok, and Live Streaming in Any Setting

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As a content creator, the 9-Inch LED Ring Light by T&ACYML has revolutionized my filming experience. The adjustable halo lights with three modes, including white, warm yellow, and warm white, offer versatile lighting for different scenarios.

The 10 levels of adjustable brightness ensure that I can achieve the perfect lighting setup for any situation.

The USB power supply adds convenience, and the compact design with a mini tripod makes it an essential tool for creating professional-looking videos and live streams.

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The 9-Inch LED Ring Light with Mini Tripod is a must-have for anyone involved in content creation. Whether you are a YouTuber, TikTok enthusiast, or live streamer, this ring light enhances your videos with flattering and adjustable lighting.

The versatility of the adjustable tripod allows you to use it as a desk lamp or a floor lamp, making it suitable for various settings such as your living room, study, baby room, bathroom, or office.

Adjustable Halo Lights: The ring light features three lighting modes – white, warm yellow, and warm white, each with 10 levels of adjustable brightness. Say goodbye to unflattering shadows and achieve the ideal lighting for your content creation needs. 🌈💡

USB Power Supply: Compatible with various devices supporting USB ports, including laptops, PCs, mobile power, USB chargers, and AC adapters. The user-friendly USB remote control allows you to effortlessly control the power and switch between your favorite lighting modes. 🔌🎛ī¸

Versatile Use: The adjustable tripod height and brightness levels make this LED ring light suitable for multiple uses. Whether you’re creating content for YouTube, TikTok, or hosting a live stream, this lighting setup adapts to your needs. Transform any space into a professional studio with ease. đŸŽĨ🌟

Compact and Portable: The 9-inch ring light’s compact design and included mini tripod make it easy to transport and set up wherever you go. Perfect for content creators who are always on the move, ensuring you have professional lighting for every video. 🚗👩‍đŸ’ģ

Professional Brand: T&ACYML is a trusted brand known for delivering high-quality photography and lighting equipment. With this LED ring light, you can be confident in the durability and performance, enhancing your overall content creation experience. 🏆📸

Bi-Color Temperature: The adjustable color temperature ranging from 3200K to 5600K provides flexibility to create warm or cool lighting effects. Achieve the desired atmosphere for your videos and live streams with ease. 🌡ī¸âœ¨

Easy Remote Control Operation: Control exposure remotely with the user-friendly remote control. Adjust the brightness levels and switch between lighting modes without interrupting your creative flow. Effortless operation for a seamless filming experience. 🕹ī¸đŸŽŦ

160 LED Cold Light Booster: The ring light is equipped with 160 LED cold light booster lights, ensuring consistent and efficient lighting for your videos. Create professional-looking content with a well-lit and flattering appearance. 💄👀

Feature Specification
Light Diameter 9 inches
Color Temperature Range Bi-color 3200K-5600K
Control Interface USB remote control
Tripod Height Adjustable
LED Lights 160 cold light booster lights
Power Supply USB
Product Size 22cm fill light, 19cm mini tripod
Calibration 22 cm
Gear 10 levels of light adjustment


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