200X Magnification Microscope Lens with LED Light: Discover the Microcosm in Your Pocket

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Unlock a world of microscopic wonders with the 200X Magnification Microscope Lens for Smartphones. This versatile tool is your gateway to countless possibilities, making it a must-have for various endeavors. Here’s why you should consider adding it to your toolkit:

Limitless Exploration: With a magnification capability of up to 200X, this microscope lens allows you to explore the hidden beauty of the microcosm. From examining biological specimens to scrutinizing intricate jewelry details, the possibilities for exploration are endless.

Exceptional Clarity: The lens construction of 4 elements in 4 groups ensures exceptional optical clarity. Every detail you observe through this microscope lens will be sharp, vivid, and true to life.

Built-in LED Light: Illuminate your subjects with the built-in CPL Cell LED light. With 6pcs LED bulbs emitting a color temperature of 6000~6500k, you’ll have the perfect lighting conditions for your observations, even in low-light environments.

Versatile Handheld Digital Microscope for Lab Work, STEM Applications, and More – Compatible with Single and Dual-Camera Phones


This microscope lens is a valuable tool across various domains. It’s ideal for laboratory work, STEM education, jewelry appraisal, health research, and much more. Whether you’re a student, scientist, jeweler, or hobbyist, this lens enhances your capabilities.

Convenient Compatibility: Designed for smartphones, this microscope lens is incredibly easy to use. Simply clip it onto your smartphone’s camera, and you’re ready to explore. It’s a portable lab that fits in your pocket.

Long-Lasting Battery: The built-in 120mAh battery ensures that you have ample power for your explorations. With just a 1-hour charging time, you can enjoy extended use without interruptions.

Complete Package: Your purchase includes everything you need to start your microscopic journey, including the microscope lens, USB cable, user manual, cleaning cloth, and a convenient carrying bag for on-the-go adventures.

In summary, the 200X Magnification Microscope Lens with LED Light is a versatile and powerful tool that opens up a world of exploration. It’s not just a lens; it’s a gateway to discovery, learning, and research. Whether you’re delving into the mysteries of science or simply indulging your curiosity, this microscope lens empowers you to see the world in a whole new way.

Cleaning and Maintenance: The cleaning cloth included in the bundle helps you keep the microscope lens and your smartphone’s camera lens clean and free from dust and smudges. Proper maintenance ensures consistent image quality and extends the lifespan of the lens.

Versatile Applications: With the powerful magnification and LED lighting, this microscope lens is suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re interested in biology, geology, electronics, or simply curious about the micro-world around you, this bundle empowers you to explore and discover new details.

The bundle includes a microscope lens with an impressive 200X magnification capability. This level of magnification allows you to see intricate details that are typically invisible to the naked eye. It’s perfect for examining tiny objects, intricate textures, or even microscopic organisms.

Universal Compatibility: The microscope lens is designed to be compatible with various smartphones, including iPhones, Samsung devices, and all smartphones. This universality ensures that you can easily attach the lens to your smartphone for instant microscopic exploration, making it a versatile tool for anyone.

LED Lighting: The bundle includes an integrated LED light source. This feature is invaluable for illuminating the subject you’re examining, ensuring that you have clear and well-lit views through the microscope lens. It’s particularly useful in low-light conditions or when examining objects with fine details.

Portable and Compact: The included carrying bag makes it easy to carry the microscope lens and its accessories wherever you go. Its compact size allows for on-the-go microscopy, making it suitable for outdoor explorations, fieldwork, or educational purposes.

Easy to Use: The bundle comes with a USB cable for easy connectivity to your smartphone. Additionally, it includes a user guide, which provides clear instructions on how to set up and use the microscope lens effectively. Even if you’re new to microscopy, you can quickly get started with this user-friendly bundle.

Full multi-coating optics, shoot HD footage in particulars.
Zoom in as much as 200x in line with the display measurement of the cell phone
Gentle and simple to make use of no want APP.
large compatibility: F1.8 aperture design and common clip for 98% cell phone.


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