Handhold Selfie 26CM Ring Light Bluetooth Photo Led Phone Holder

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Handhold Selfie 26CM Ring Light Bluetooth Photo Led Phone Holder Lamp Photography Lighting Tripod Stand TikTok Youtube Live

Selfie Ring Light

1.Fast arrange, simple operation. 2.Over 40% Brighter than all different USB-powered fashions. 3.Tripod stands extendable from 15 inches to 63 inches for filming. 4.120 PCS LED design, light-weight and transportable. Fixed present drive, no evident. 5.Dimmable with varied coloration temperatures (3000Ok-6000Ok) to create heat or chilly lighting results

  • Brand Name: BTFOOR
  • Plug Standard: US Plug
  • Package: Yes
  • Color Temperature: 3300-5600 K
  • Power: USB Charge
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