Hand Controlled Altitude Hold Mode UFO Drone

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Mini Anticollision Sensor Induction Hand Controlled Altitude Hold Mode UFO Drone Machine On Radio Control Kids Toys

1.The sensing ground automatically rises, and after the horizontal throw, the infrared sensor at the bottom of the aircraft automatically senses the bottom obstacle and rises.
2.When encountering obstacles during flight, the infrared sensing devices at both ends of the aircraft will automatically avoid obstacles.
3.Automatic obstacle avoidance, equipped with infrared sensing device on three sides.
4.The aircraft fuselage is designed in the same shape as the sedan, and the flight process reduces drag.
5.Tough material resistant to falling and crashing
6.The LED nighttime navigation lights are colorful and can be played in the dark.
7.It’s not difficult for novices to play the drone, start pairing, and immediately realize a throw-and-go, and automatically avoid when encountering obstacles.
8.Omni-directional infrared sensing technology, built-in front, back, left and right and 5 sensors, easy to use for the elderly with sensitive children.
1.Inductive throwing, easy to use, easy to control, the aircraft only needs to open the switch, throw it horizontally to fly.
2.This is a smart aircraft that does not require a remote control.
3.Children’s playmates, UFO aircraft can be played by many people, interactive, and can stimulate children’s interest.
Product Name: RC Drone
Model Number: HJ2088
Material: ABS&Electronic Component
Color: Blue/Red/Gold (Optional)
Size: 110x110x45mm/4.33×4.33×1.77in
Body Weight: 30g/1.06oz
Charging Time: approx. 30-45 Minutes
Flight Time: approx. 5-8 Minutes
Sensing Distance: About 20cm Around
Applicable Age: Juvenile (7-14 Years Old)
Maximum Flight Height: 0~120 Meters (inclusive)
Package Informations:
Package Size: 145x145x60mm/5.71×5.71×2.36in
Package Weight: 80g/2.82oz
General Box Package
Package Included:
1 x RC Drone with Battery
1 x Manual
1 x USB Cable


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