GitUp F1: 4K WiFi Action Camera for Extreme Sports and Outdoor Activities


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GitUp F1, the world’s first true 4K sports action camera equipped with the advanced Sony IMX317 8MP sensor. This revolutionary camera ensures your action footage is crystal clear, smooth, and rich in content.

Perfectly suited for extreme sports enthusiasts engaging in activities like cycling, skydiving, and more, the GitUp F1 captures every moment of your adventures, providing an immersive and detailed perspective that truly stands out.

🎥 Real 4K Excellence: The GitUp F1 boasts a real 4K camera with an advanced Sony Exmor R Sensor, ensuring exceptional clarity and detail in every frame. Capture your adventures with unparalleled image quality.

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🚴‍♂️ Ideal for Extreme Sports: Designed for adrenaline junkies, the GitUp F1 is perfect for extreme sports like cycling, skydiving, and outdoor activities, offering a reliable and versatile companion for capturing high-energy moments.

📸 Versatile Capture Modes: Enjoy versatile capture modes, including Time Lapse Video, Video + Picture, and Looping. Tailor your recording preferences to suit your creative vision and maximize your filming capabilities.

📡 Dual-band WiFi Connectivity: Stay connected with the GitUp F1 through its dual-band WiFi frequency (5.8G + 2.4G), allowing for fast and reliable data transfer, real-time streaming, and convenient remote control using the dedicated app.

📹 Digital Image Stabilization: Ensure stable and steady videos with the digital image stabilization feature, allowing you to capture smooth footage even in dynamic and challenging environments.

🌙 Great Low Light Performance: Enhance your low-light captures with the GitUp F1, offering excellent performance in challenging lighting conditions. Don’t miss a moment, whether it’s day or night.

🔘 Easy Operation with a Single Press: Start recording with a single press of the shutter button. The GitUp F1 ensures hassle-free operation, allowing you to focus on your adventures without missing a beat.

📺 AV Out + PWM for FPV Control: Experience FPV (First Person View) like never before with AV Out + PWM support, providing a unique and immersive perspective for enthusiasts seeking an unparalleled drone piloting experience.

👍 Compact and Lightweight Design: Weighing under 100g, the GitUp F1 is ultra-portable and compact. Take it anywhere your adventures lead, ensuring you’re always ready to capture the action.

Feature Specification
Image Sensor Sony IMX317 8MP
Video Resolution 4K HD, 2160P, 1440P, 1080P, 720P
Microphone Built-in Monaural Speaker
Wi-Fi Dual-band 5.8G + 2.4G
Bluetooth Built-in
Battery Capacity 1010mAh
Dimensions 8241.523mm
Weight 68g

4K WiFi action camera designed for extreme sports enthusiasts. With a real 4K camera, versatile capture modes, dual-band WiFi connectivity, and a compact design, the GitUp F1 offers unparalleled performance for adventurers seeking top-tier imaging capabilities.

Capture every moment with clarity, stability, and ease of operation, making the GitUp F1 your go-to companion for all your outdoor exploits. Don’t just witness the action; be part of it with the GitUp F1.


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