Red Always On Display Bluetooth call Smartwatch

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Always-On Display: The smartwatch features an always-on display, ensuring that you can quickly glance at the time or other important information without having to wake the device. This is practical for busy individuals who need instant access to information.

Alipay Offline Payment: With Alipay offline payment support, you can make secure transactions directly from your wrist. This feature is valuable for those who prefer contactless payments and adds a layer of convenience to your daily transactions.

NFC (Near Field Communication): NFC support enables various functions, including contactless payments and quick device pairing. It enhances the versatility of the smartwatch, allowing you to use it for a range of applications.



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Bluetooth Call: The inclusion of Bluetooth call functionality means you can make and receive calls directly from your smartwatch. This is incredibly convenient for staying connected without needing to reach for your phone, especially when your phone isn’t readily accessible.

Voice Control: Voice control enhances the usability of the smartwatch. You can perform various tasks and commands through voice interactions, making it a hands-free and efficient device.

Password Unlock: This feature adds an extra layer of security to your smartwatch, ensuring that your data and personal information remain protected.

Feminine Physiological Cycle: For women, tracking the menstrual cycle is essential. The smartwatch provides this functionality, allowing women to monitor and manage their menstrual health conveniently.

Customized Dial: Personalization is key when it comes to smartwatches. The ability to customize the watch face/dial ensures that you can tailor the device to your style and preferences.


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