30000mAh Power Bank with Built-in Wireless Charger – Your Portable Power Solution

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ALLPOWERS 30000mAh Power Bank, the ultimate portable power solution for your devices. This power bank is not just your average external battery; it comes equipped with a built-in wireless charger, making it a versatile and must-have accessory for every smartphone and tech enthusiast. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying multiple chargers and cables, as the ALLPOWERS Power Bank has you covered.

With a massive 30000mAh Li-polymer battery, this power bank ensures that you have enough juice to keep your devices charged and ready for action. The digital display keeps you informed about the remaining power, so you’ll never run out unexpectedly. Featuring dual USB output interfaces, it can charge multiple devices simultaneously, making it a convenient companion for travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone on the go.

The ALLPOWERS Power Bank is designed to support various charging devices, including tablets, drones, cameras, and, of course, smartphones. Its lightweight and compact design, measuring 168 x 80 x 16mm and weighing only 222g, makes it incredibly portable, fitting comfortably in your bag or pocket.

One of its standout features is the two-way fast charge technology, ensuring your devices charge quickly, and it supports quick charge functionality for those devices that are compatible. Additionally, the built-in LED lamp illumination can come in handy during emergencies or low-light situations.

ALLPOWERS has certified this product with CE, ROHS, and CCC quality certifications, assuring you of its reliability and safety. With its sleek design and advanced technology, this power bank is your go-to choice for charging convenience wherever you are.

The ALLPOWERS 30000mAh Power Bank is perfect for various situations. Use it when you’re traveling and need to keep your devices charged on long journeys. It’s an essential companion for outdoor adventures, ensuring you have a reliable power source for your smartphones, cameras, and drones.

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Whether you’re camping, hiking, or simply spending a day at the beach, this power bank keeps your devices alive. It’s also ideal for daily use; when you’re at work, on the go, or at home and you don’t want to rely on wall outlets.

🔋 Massive Battery Capacity: With 30000mAh, you’ll have enough power to charge your devices multiple times before needing a recharge.

📱 Wireless Charging: The built-in wireless charger eliminates the need for cables, offering a convenient and cable-free charging experience.

💡 LED Lamp Illumination: The power bank comes with an LED lamp for emergencies or low-light situations.

📈 Digital Display: The digital display keeps you informed about the remaining power, preventing unexpected power cuts.

🚀 Fast Charging: Thanks to two-way fast charge technology, your devices will be ready for action in no time.

🛡️ Quality Certified: The product holds CE, ROHS, and CCC certifications, ensuring reliability and safety.

🌟 Versatile Compatibility: It supports a wide range of devices, from smartphones to drones, making it a versatile charging solution.

🏆 Compact and Lightweight: Its portable design makes it easy to carry with you, whether you’re traveling or on the go.

Feature Details
Battery Type Li-polymer Battery
Output Interface Double USB
Battery Capacity 30000mAh
Charging Devices Tablet, Drones, Camera, Smartphone
Input Interface Micro USB, USB
Shell Material Plastic
Size 168 x 80 x 16mm
Weight 222g
Quick Charge Support Two-way Fast Charge
Solar Power Support No
LED Lamp Illumination Yes

The ALLPOWERS 30000mAh Power Bank stands out as a versatile and high-capacity power solution that adapts to your charging needs. The built-in wireless charger is a game-changer, offering cable-free convenience.

With fast-charging capabilities, LED lamp illumination, and certifications for quality and safety, this power bank is your reliable partner for keeping your devices charged and ready. Its compact and lightweight design makes it a practical choice for various situations, from everyday use to outdoor adventures. Don’t miss the chance to have this all-in-one power bank that ensures your devices stay powered wherever you go.


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