10-in-1 USB C Hub with 4K HDMI – Mobile PD Phone Docking & Charge Station for MacBook


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This docking station redefines productivity by enabling your phone to function like a laptop. Experience large-screen mirroring with simultaneous HDMI and VGA displays, connect to the network via the Ethernet RJ45 port, and enjoy fast PD charging through the USB-C port.

With additional USB3.0 ports for expanded connectivity, audio jack for direct earphone connection, and compatibility with HUAWEI cloud computing, this hub is a powerhouse of functionality. The sleek design, adjustable angle, and 4K high definition make it a must-have for MacBook users seeking seamless connectivity.

ROCK Cloud-on 10-in-1 USB C Hub is ideal for individuals seeking enhanced productivity on the go. Turn your smartphone into a fully-functional laptop by connecting it to this versatile docking station.

Whether you are giving a presentation with large-screen mirroring, working with multiple peripherals using USB3.0 ports, or enjoying high-quality audio through the 3.5mm jack, this hub adapts to your needs. The compact and adjustable design makes it convenient for on-the-fly adjustments, providing a seamless user experience for MacBook users.

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💻 Smartphone to Laptop Transformation: The ROCK Cloud-on Hub revolutionizes your smartphone experience, converting it into a powerful laptop. This innovative docking station opens up new possibilities for productivity on your MacBook.

🖥️ Simultaneous HDMI and VGA Displays: Enjoy large-screen mirroring with HDMI and VGA displays working simultaneously. The hub provides a versatile setup, perfect for presentations, multitasking, or expanding your screen real estate.

🎧 Enhanced Audio Connectivity: With a 3.5mm audio jack, the hub ensures direct earphone connection for an immersive audio experience. Enjoy crystal-clear sound while working or entertaining yourself on your MacBook.

🌐 Network Connectivity with Ethernet Port: Stay connected to the network effortlessly with the Ethernet RJ45 port. Enjoy stable and reliable internet connectivity for seamless work and entertainment experiences.

Fast PD Charging with USB-C Port: The USB-C charging port supports Power Delivery (PD) for fast and efficient charging. Keep your MacBook powered up while utilizing the hub’s various functionalities.

🚀 Expanded Connectivity with USB3.0 Ports: Two USB3.0 ports offer high-speed connectivity for peripherals like U disks, mice, keyboards, hard disks, and card readers. Transfer data at 5Gbps, ensuring efficient workflow.

🌐 HUAWEI Cloud Compatibility: Seamlessly operate HUAWEI cloud computing applications and run multiple office software directly from your smartphone. Experience enhanced productivity with the hub’s cloud compatibility.

🎨 Adjustable Design for Convenience: The ROCK Cloud-on Hub features a unique structure design, allowing users to adjust the use angle for maximum convenience. Adapt the hub to your workspace, ensuring optimal comfort during use.

📺 4K High Definition Display: Connect your MacBook to a TV or external display and experience stunning 4K high definition. Enjoy a wide-board view with crisp details for an immersive visual experience.

🧠 Built-in Multiple Master Chips: The hub boasts a sophisticated design with built-in multiple master chips, ensuring efficiency and reliability. Experience a seamless and responsive user interface on your MacBook.

Feature Description
Brand ROCK
Model Cloud-on Kind-C Docking Station
Material ABS+Al-alloy
Color Black
Resolution HDMI(4K*2K), VGA(1080P)
USB3.0 Speed 5Gbps, backward compatible with USB2.0 480Mbps
USB-C Female Support 5~20V/5A power supply
RJ45 Port Support 100M/10M network connection
Audio Output 3.5mm audio jack
Dimension 929599mm
Compatible Device Width ≤84mm

MacBook experience with the ROCK Cloud-on 10-in-1 USB C Hub. This feature-rich docking station brings unparalleled connectivity, transforming your smartphone into a laptop seamlessly.

With simultaneous HDMI and VGA displays, fast PD charging, and expanded USB3.0 ports, the hub is a powerhouse of functionality. The adjustable design, cloud compatibility, and 4K high definition display make it a must-have for MacBook users looking for enhanced productivity on the go.


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